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Blog NRS 2002

An update

The evidence-base for NRS 2002 should be updated.

Almost 10 years have passed since the literature was analyzed to develop NRS 2002.
Here its use is discussed, to include new aspects in the update.

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Coming update

UpdatePosted by Jens Kondrup Fri, September 24, 2010 23:30:19

The ESPEN guideline on screening was published in 2003 and recommended NRS 2002 as the screening instrument for hospitalized patients. It was stressed that the guideline deliberately made reference to the year 2002 to indicate that the version was based on the evidence available until 2002 and that it needed to be updated and adapted to current state of knowledge in the future.

The guideline has been cited 205 times according to Pubmed and 34 papers citing NRS 2002 in the title/abstract have been published (Pubmed collection).

In this category of the blog, users can make suggestions for a coming update.

One area obviously is to evaluate the scientific evidence for the use of NRS 2002 in patients who are not hospitalized, e.g. in the outpatient clinic.

Another area is to reevaulate the age cut-off point of 70 years - is this still the optimum interpretation of the evidence?

We are looking forward to suggestions.

Jens Kondrup

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