Blog NRS 2002

Blog NRS 2002

An update

The evidence-base for NRS 2002 should be updated.

Almost 10 years have passed since the literature was analyzed to develop NRS 2002.
Here its use is discussed, to include new aspects in the update.

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NRS 2002, MNA-SF and MUST

ComparisonsPosted by Jens Kondrup Mon, September 27, 2010 22:25:41

Raslan et al. Comparison of nutritional risk screening tools for predicting clinical outcomes in hospitalized patients. Nutrition 2010;26:721-6.


Performance in predicting complications, very long length of hospital stay (LOS), and death was analyzed using receiver operating characteristic curves.
NRS 2002 (complications: 0.6531; very long LOS: 0.6508; death: 0.7948) and MNA-SF (complications: 0.6495; very long LOS: 0.6197; death: 0.7583) had largest areas under the ROC curve compared to MUST (complications: 0.6036; very long LOS: 0.6109; death: 0.6363).
For elderly patients, NRS 2002 was not significantly different than MNA-SF (P>0.05) for predicting outcomes.

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